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Manhattan Coffee Roasters writes about this coffee:

We are extremely thrilled to release more great coffee from Tanzania!

This coffee comes from the good people at Finagro plantations, a multi-generational collective of coffee farms that takes pride and care in every step of their coffee production. This lot is from their Gaia Farm, now famous after winning Tanzanias version of the Cup of Excellence, the ACE’s Private Collection Auction with their Bourbon N39.

Since 1971, the Vohoras have owned about 1000 acres of farmland on the southern exterior slopes of the Ngorongoro caldera in Tanzania’s lush rift valley. The farms are Rainforest Alliance certified, and the family and their 50+ full-time employees have done a remarkable job of upkeep and preservation of natural beauty while also running a thriving coffee business. They provide temporary housing for harvest labor and even supply land on the farm for local smallholders to grow beans – a mutually beneficial crop as the legumes fix nitrogen in the soil, a critical step in a healthy crop cycle. They grow shade trees throughout the coffee plantations, mulch with their own grass and leaf cover, and carefully manage their soils and water. They work in harmony with the natural environment and with the African wildlife, who visit the farms regularly.

In addition to the heritage Red Bourbon, this lot also consists of SL28 (a drought-resistant selection made in Tanzania in 1931) and Kent, a Typica selection made in India — the first such selection made for resistance against coffee leaf rust. The family also seeks to innovate with their processing, bringing interesting coffee flavors to their consumers with both fully washed coffee and experimental (anaerobic/aerobic) fermentations.

This is a fully washed lot with notes of ceylon tea, starfruit and apple.