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El Triangulo


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Manhattan Coffee Roasters writes:

We are so excited to offer you a World Class coffee from Fincas Mierisch in Honduras!

Santa Lucia is a new addition to the Fincas Mierisch family. Santa Lucia was purchased two years after her sister farm, Cerro Azul, in 2014. You can find other exotic varietals here such as Laurina, Java, Orange/Yellow Bourbon, SL-28, and Yellow Pacas.

This Geisha gets its name from the plot where it is grown in Santa Lucia, Triangulo. The attention to quality and details starts there, where ripe blood-red Geisha cherries are picked. The cherries are then de-pulped and dry fermented in ceramic-tiled fermentation tanks for 36 hours. Post-fermentation, the parchment is washed and then transported to the raised beds inside a greenhouse. The greenhouse is designed to allow 50% shade, which allows for slow drying. The coffee is dried to a humidity of 11%, which takes on average 15 days. Once dry, the coffee is moved to a warehouse where it is rested for at least one month. This step allows the humidity to homogenize in the beans. You can expect a washed geisha profile, with notes of grape, green tea, and rosehip.

This spectacular washed Geisha from Santa Lucia is not one to miss!