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Elias Gonçalves


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Manhattan Coffee Roasters writes about this coffee:

We’re excited to bring you another incredible producer out of Mata de Minas, Elias Gonçalves!

We came across Elias’ coffee by way of the JS Project in Brazil and the team working with Inacio Soares. When we first cupped Elias’ coffee we were completely stunned. The cup showed lots of big juicy fruit and reminded us of some of the best coffees we’ve had from the JS project in the past.

The production and output of their farm, like most of the small farmers in the Sao Sebastiano de Anta region (and surrounding areas), is extremely small. So, we feel very fortunate to have purchased the entirety of this utterly wild coffee.

Here’s what Elias had to say about producing specialty coffee:
‘Our dreams have come true in the production of specialty coffees.
For my family, producing coffee is a great honor. Especially when it comes to specialty coffee! Specialty coffee brings people together, especially families. When we are in the selection process of the coffees my whole family is together, and the conversation between parents and children is so pleasant. This is priceless! It is so rewarding when our children ask about our life stories. When we share, you can see the sparkle in their eyes.’

In the cup, we’re tasting green melon, grape, and kaki fruit.
This coffee is going to surprise
anyone with traditional expectations of ‘low-altitude Brazilian coffee’.