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This is what Manhattan Coffee Roasters says about the coffee:

We at Manhattan Coffee Roasters are proud to finally bring you the culmination of years with the Janson family at Janson Coffee Estates.
The story of the Janson X project began in 2018 when Ben first met Kai at a trade show in Dubai. After some debate about what would be more important: threshing, or drying, a friendship was formed with a need to find out the answer.

Firstly, drying was on the table. What is good drying? Why do we have systems that have parameters like range of humidity and water activity and why does quality differ even if these ranges are met. The Janson X project is simply about trying to quantify these differences in custom-built dehydrators that can dry coffee quickly under cooler conditions than average harvest norms.

This particular lot comes from separating the main natural lot then put into the dryers in a isolated house next to the beneficio. Once the coffee had reached 15% general humidity, the coffee was then held for one month to stabilize and develope clearer flavors. The results are utterly spectacular, we believe it’s one of the most crisp and clean expressions of natural geisha you’re likely to taste anywhere.

“Regular coffee is like looking through a smudged window, Janson X is like looking through the cleanest, most crystal clear diamond.” – Ben