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Coming from Volcan Panama we are extremely excited to offer this washed Geisha from the Janson Family estate. The Janson family estate has a long history in coffee in the Volcan region of Panama. They have farmed a range of varieties of coffee for over 70 years including San Bernadina and Catimor in the early days. Since the mid 90’s and the discovery of Geisha, Michael and Calle Janson committed to replanting their farms with flavour and quality as a priority, focusing primarily on three varieties Caturra, Catuai and Geisha.

In the early years of Geisha propagation they noticed that the saplings they had received from hacienda Esmerelda had variation on planting. This isn’t uncommon as some of the coffee plants were natural mutations as well as generally different coffees which can occur due to unstable genetics of the tree itself. On noticing these outcomes the team flagged all of the variations on site and had the plants removed to ensure that their Geisha was intact 100% green tip Geisha. One of the reasons for the extreme consistency of flavour delivery of this particular farm.

This particular lot of coffee is the culmination of Manhattan Coffee Roaster’s ongoing partnership with the Janson family, it’s a fully washed green tip geisha that exhibits all the qualities that you would expect from the Jansons estates.

If you like jasmine, lemon candy and violets this cup has plenty of it!