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Santa Lucia


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The farm Santa Lucia (A recent addition to the Fincas Mierisch) was purchased two years after her sister farm, Cerro Azul (Nicaragua), in 2014. Santa Lucia used to belong to Fernando Montes (first manager of IHCAFE) and he wanted to set it up as a model farm. However, the coffee farm was in disrepair when purchased, as was the accompanying wet mill but still had the minimal machinery in order to function. Despite this the Mierisch family still saw a lot of potential. Fortunately, it already had the necessary infrastructure for coffee cultivation: shade trees and wind breakers. This made it easier to grow new varieties as the barriers were already in place.

The family decided to plant only exotic varietals, heirloom varieties if possible. These included: Laurina, Java, Orange/Yellow Bourbon, SL-28 and Geisha. The Laurina is an interesting variety both in flavor profille and caffiene content. This is our first ever laurina release and we’re tasting apple pie, biscotti and nougat.

This is an extremely limited release!