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Silvio Roberto


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Silvio went to the big city because of his family’s struggle and at the age of 15 he wanted to try better opportunities. He was unable to stay in the city and went through many difficulties when he decided to return to the field. He always admired how people planted coffee, and he thought that this could be something to make his family and his region thrive. He bought a 2-hectare land and shared it with his brothers and started his coffee production. It was only 3 years ago he decided to move to specialty coffee, studied and specialized in it.

Silvio’s farm is the lowest altitude farm we have ever stocked at Manhattan Coffee Roasters at a stunning 500 meters above sea level. Traditionally specialty coffee green buyers look for 1000masl and as those coffee’s display “finer” cup qualities. We can tell you though this coffee is defiant in the face of of those norms and will absolutely blow you away whether in a cupping bowl or as a brew. It is likely one of the most intense coffees we have in our current offering and again (like most coffees from the region) does not display characteristics that you would expect from Brazil.