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Yenni Esperanza Decaf

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Manhattan Coffee Roasters writes about this coffee:

We are proud to release our first decaf ever. This Castillo comes by way of Diego Bermudez and his sister Yenni Esperanza both of which own farms within el Paraiso in Cauca, Colombia. This lot comes by way of Cata export, which was in fact lucky enough to secure all of the EA decaf from el Paraiso into Europe. Cata Export also wanted to give Yenni a voice too, as her work has also influenced the great success of Finca Paraiso.

Yenni and Diego have managed to create new innovative technologies in order to keep the consistency of their outstanding cup profiles. For example, rather than using standard anaerobic fermentation tanks, he uses precise bio reactors to ferment the product measuring everything from time, temp, ph, sugar content, and microbial load.

The kind of influence you get from this kind of industrial level fermentation is definitely out there. You are not going to taste anything like the coffees that Diego produces and this Castillo is of course no exception when it comes to the absolute mind-bending outcomes Diego achieves from each of his coffees. This is probably the tastiest decaf that is possible but hey, if you know better we’re open to options.

This coffee was decaffeinated by EA or Ethyl Acetate (also known as sugar cane process).

Expect Cinnabon, strawberry and buttercup.