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Ze Claudio


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Manhattan Coffee Roasters writes about this coffee:

Coming by way of the JS Project in Brazil, and the team working with Inacio Soares, we bring back José Cláudio for the second season!

José has an interesting story: He left home at 18 years old with a plan to move to Sao Paulo and then eventually Portugal. The plan was to work and save enough money so that he could return to his hometown of Inpahim and start a farm of his own. Jose made this a reality in the late 2000’s when he came back to Brazil and bought his first 3-hectare farm. At first, he was only interested in growing vegetables. At that time (in that region specifically)
coffee was not widely grown and due to the region’s very low altitude, was generally dismissed. It was around this time that José met Inacio Soares at a farming summit. They discussed the potential for invigorating the production of coffee farming and what it would take to excel in Brazilian coffee and have been working closely ever since.

José’s coffee is a gem of the Sao Sebastiano de Anta region and just like last year, we were absolutely blown away by the results on the cupping table. He and his family are working hard to produce better coffee year after year and we think that this is the most refined cup yet.

Expect notes of passionfruit, orange zest and cookie dough.