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Deiro Garcia


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Manhattan Coffee Roasters writes:
We are thrilled to release our third collaboration with Deiro Garcia.
Once again we are buying Deiro’s Ethiopian landrace Sidra (also known as Ombligon). Together we worked closely with Deiro to improve the quality of the coffee. Focussing on only the ripest cherries as well as keen attention to the fermentation and drying.

Deiro’s farm Finca Lord Baltimore is located in Pitalito, Huila, Colombia and originally owned by Fabio ‘Leo’ Garcia. When Leo bought the farm the previous owner actually named it lord Voldermort for his love of the Harry Potter series and lord Voldermort. Leo actually misheard what was said and so the Lord Baltimore farm was born.

Sadly, Leonardo passed away in 2019 when we first released this coffee. Keeping with the tradition of that same methodology this is also an anaerobic washed process coffee with a set of microorganisms used to boost the fermentation.

We are so extremely impressed with the outcome of this coffee and can’t wait to share it with you!
It’s a roller coaster of flavor but the most prominant notes we found were peach, pink blossom and strawberry fruitella.