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Jesus “Chuga” Cruz


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Purchased towards the end of 2011, Cerro Azul was always a coffee farm. Most of the coffee trees on the farm are from the previous owner before the Mierisch family acquired it in 2011. Since then, they have only planted new varieties including java, yellow pacamara, yellow pacas, orange bourbon, laurina, ethiosar and geisha.

Ethiosar itself is a hybrid’s hybrid. It’s a cross between sudan rume and sarchimore (which is itself a cross between timor and villa sarchi). This offspring is then crossed again with villa sarchi (a dwarf mutation of bourbon from Costa Rica). This complex genetic diversity gives the variety strong resistance to coffee leaf rust, high production yields and a vibrant cup profile.

Ethiosar lots from Fincas Mierisch are always exceptional on the cupping table, and a recent lot from their Los Placeres farm scored 90.3 points at the Los Favoritos private collection auction. Our specially commissioned lot of Erwins ethiosar may be just as good, and we were shocked with how clean and vibrant this coffee is. It’s sparkling, lively and a great example of what washed coffee should be.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters this lot after the production manager Jesus as it’s a reflection of his hard work and dedication to the Mierisch operation. He is a critical member of the Honduran team. Just before the pandemic, he was flown over from the Nicaraguan team to oversee the operations at Santa Lucia and the other Mierisch farms. Miraculously, Santa Lucia won first place in the Cup of Excellence in Jesus’ first year working with the crew in Honduras.

Here’s to you, Chuga.