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Salma Bermudez


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Named after his middle daughter Salma, this coffee genuinely surprised us on the cupping
table. We had never tasted a coffee with such a distinct confectionary mouthfeel. The dulce
de leche sweetness is pure and the notes of mango and elderflower are delightful and in the

The coffee itself has gone through so many stages at the wet mill we’ve decided to simply
name it under the umbrella term;’advanced fermentation’. The difference between this
coffee and Diego’s previous geisha lots is that the leachate prepared for this was taken from prime red bourbon and adjusted with a series of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts before
undergoing multiple stages of pressurized anaerobic fermentation.
Diego himself said, ‘This is one of my favorite geisha’s that we’ve made, it reminds me of
the dulce de leche my grandmother used to make me’.
It’s World Class,
Enjoy lavishly.